D.I.Y. :::Pumpkin Painting:::

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays especially with all the festivities, pumpkin patches, ghosts, haunted houses, spooky decorations and pumpkin pie that arrives this time of year. So for this D.I.Y. project we decided to put away our carving knives and pick up a couple paintbrushes instead. Inspired by blogger – Alisa Burkes’ pumpkin designs, we turned to our local pumpkin patch and got a few baby pumpkins to start this fun project and get in the bewitching spirit of Halloween…

What you’ll need:

1 White or cream colored acrylic paint (you can find this at your local craft store)

4-6 Acrylic colored paints (try glitter and metallic paints)

1 Large paint brush or sponge brush to cover large areas

1 Small paint brush (for painting details)

1 Package of multi colored rhinestones

1 Glue bottle

This project is fairly easy, as long as you have an inspiration for the pattern you want to re-create on the pumpkin. Don’t worry about painting the designs perfectly, just go for lots of color, bold patterns and have fun!


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