Inspiration behind the November Collection

Festivals, free spirits, adventurers, gypsys, and old photos of style icons – Talitha Getty and Peggy Lipton were all part of the inspiration behind our November collection. Arriving in stores and online in a few weeks! Bold wood block and bohemian paisley prints have been interpreted into easy to wear, embroidered and embellished tops as well as pants, all garment dyed in rich hues – inspired by the changing seasons. Cozy sherpa fleece coats have been hand dyed and studded, jackets were mixed with trims, lace and plaid, all resulting into a mix media hand spun look.

We love the ancient Chinese and Indian art of woodblock printing, so when our designer discovered this perfect floral one in the archives of an LA print house, we had to have it.  Velvet and eclectic trims, along with embroideries, embellishments, studs and a mix match of fabrications such as lace and plaid all came together to create our home spun festival look.

Our color palette was inspired by these bold colored leaves and beautiful bohemian lanterns. We hand garment dyed our styles in rich colors of chocolate browns, olives, vintage reds, denim  and violets then added a softening wash for that authentic worn in feel and look.

Our designer looked at old photos of style icons Talitha Getty and Peggy Lipton as a source of inspiration when coming up with silhouettes.  Both icons were known for their feminine and eclectic style, so soft, flowy and easy to wear anywhere styles were important. To achieve that we used soft sherpa fabrics for our jackets and hoodies, double sided jerseys and rayon cotton blends for the perfect drape.


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