J&J Girl – Nicole

What is it about LA that inspires/intrigues you: From the massive buildings in Downtown to the calm beaches on the west side, LA captures every type of scene you’re looking for in between.

Describe your style: Simple and Classy with a ‘little rough around the edges’ twist

Favorite item from the Jack & Jinger collection: The Dina Jacket

Favorite LA boutique: All Saints

Favorite LA restaurant and what do you order: Mozza Osteria- Burricota with Braised Artichokes, Egg Raviolo, Grilled Whole Orata

It’s Saturday and you’re with your best friend in LA, where do you guys go, what do you guys do? La Descarga- an underground salsa dancing club in Hollywood

What’s your greatest accomplishment/achievement or adventure: Moving to New York to pursue my education at Columbia University

One day I hope to: Create my own organization to serve the needs of families and children ranging from ages 2-24.

Motto: Do what’s best for you because what’s best for you is best for everyone else too. Always 🙂.


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