J&J Girl – Cara


What is it about the O.C. that inspires/intrigues you: Haha, the only thing that inspires me about Orange County is to look elsewhere for inspiration 😛

Describe your style: My style is all over the map; people often tell me “you have a different style every time I see you!” To me, genres of style doesn’t exist. I like what I like, and that seems to suit me, haha.

Favorite item from the Jack & Jinger collection: The Justine skirt


Favorite O.C. boutique: Deelux in Costa Mesa (it’s like a buffalo exchange except it’s independently run/ “mom and pop”.

Favorite O.C. restaurant and what do you order: I’m a meat and potatos kinda girl, there’s a steakhouse near me called “the steer inn” and I get the “small but mighty” which is like a ribeye steak and it comes with salad and a baked potato. 

It’s Saturday and you’re with your best friend in O.C., where do you guys go, what do you guys do? We do what we did in hs; which is drive around smoking Marlboro reds and listening to The Grate Dead “Skeletons from the closet” haha.


What’s your greatest accomplishment/achievement or adventure: My greatest achievement/ most “wow”thing about me is how on more than one occasion I have come back from the far reaches of low/no return & ended up not only climbing a mountain but moving it.

One day I hope to: Be a mommy and a wife… I have spent the last 3 years very concentrated on my career but would love a family at some point.


Motto: No bull shit – just be real. 

Find Cara also at: www.Mesosavvy.com

Twitter: @mesosavvydotcom

Instagram: @carathebloom

Pinterest: pinterest.com/carasosavvy


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